About Us

Ibad-Al Qudus Limited is a SME real estate company incorporated in Nigeria and with it’s main focus being development of low and medium cost housing for sale at very flexible payment plans.

The company guarantees professional execution of projects either of it’s own or in a management capacity on being retained by others and is thus committed to;

  • The actualization of concepts with a steadfast resolve to demonstrate a high level of standards.
  • Engaging the services of versed indigenous professionals in the engineering and architectural fields for consultancy.
  • Striving to demonstrate that the indigenous man power is well capable in promptness and also in quality delivery of projects.

Ibad-Al Qudus Limited’s strategic plan is tailored toward its ultimate goal of a Construction enterprise engaging in development of only its own residential housing estate’s within low cost affordability with very flexible payment plans as to well exploit the population advantage of the nation through a low profit and high turn-over approach.